Praise for GelRest


The GelRest has been the most helpful and reliable of any of the strategies I have tried to decrease the pain and irritation under my jaw.  It seems to have just the right thickness, density, and freedom of placement to provide really great relief from the discomfort I’ve experienced most of my playing career.

In my case, the issue seems to not be a surface of the skin problem as much as a localized pressure between my jaw bone and the hard surface of the chinrest. The GelRest, though not bulky, provides just enough cushion and distribution of force between the chinrest and corner of the jaw that my soreness there has improved dramatically. Also, because the material is not absorbent, it seems to stay clean more so than other materials…

Jonathan Vinocour – Principal Viola, San Francisco Symphony


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy I called you yesterday and you were willing to part with some of those gel rests!

They are the best invention in my opinion! And I play 7 days a week, 5 hours a day sometimes. I can truly say I am the most working fiddler in Orlando, Florida. I play all different styles and have my own band. We have an entertainment company that supplies music for Disney, Universal, and Gaylord Entertainment as well as many of the conventions that come to town.

I perform daily at EPCOT Center varying between the Norway, Canada, American Adventure, and France pavilions—playing the appropriate styles of music of course. When you play all the time, comfort matters the most. I can fit in more gigs thanks to Gel Rest! And the customer service is great too! Steve really cares about his customers and that his products provide what’s promised.

Jonita Aadland – Orlando, Florida


The GelRest arrived yesterday and I LOVE it! I noticed the improvement the minute I put it on the chinrest. The added cushion made it easier to keep the viola steady without discomfort. Before, I was always aware of the pressure on my chin and now I can forget about that and concentrate on the music. I’m thrilled!

Thanks, and good luck with your business.

Laura Chaskes – USA


My neck/chin is SO much better. I’ve gone from having a very dark, unattractive and often painful callus to almost nothing! It has made playing more comfortable, easier (because I don’t juggle a soft rag on and off anymore) and healthier. . . . I would like to see all students using them for health reasons. I do believe that once someone uses a GelRest pad, they will not want to play without it. I only regret that the pad was not available for me 30 years ago!

Hope you have a great new year and I wish you continued success with this super invention!

Kathryn Powell – USA


I recently bought one of your GelRests (complete chinrest), after years of having a sore red lump which was very unsightly as well as painful, from where I play so much. I have to say that the GelRest has cured my problems, and my neck is lump and redness free – the first time in 10 years! I would recommend the GelRest to anyone.

Thank you so much

Becky Haydock – Isle of Wight, United Kingdom


A wonderful product! I can never play without my GelRest!!

Ina van Staden – South Africa


I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for my ebony GelRest! It really is very comfortable, but, more importantly, I have no red mark on my neck and the GelRest can hardly be seen! It has made a huge difference to me.

I wish you every future success!

Poly Victoros


You sent me a GelRest which I’ve enjoyed a lot. It’s been on my fiddle ever since, and I’ve had a lot of folks notice it and express interest in it. It happens to raise my chinrest up to the proper height for me, and is way more comfortable, as well as looking cool.

Tristan Clarridge


The GelRest is for my 16 year old daughter’s viola. I just want to let you know that she really likes the comfort and thinks the purple adds a unique flair to her instrument. More importantly, the sore spot on her neck has cleared up.


Tim Edwards


I’m taking advantage of your offer to receive comments about the GelRest. Because of a calcium deposit or some-such there is a rather sharp point on my jawbone, just where it contacts a chinrest. For years I’ve used a thick pad of carpet foam, covered with cloth, to be able to play, but this system left a lot to be desired. Now that the GelRest is here, my problem is solved. With the GelRest I have no discomfort or problems. Thanks for that.

Katherine Doversberger


I’ve played fiddle for 25 years–wish I’d found Gel Rest way back at the beginning! What a difference!

I teach out of studio at a music store. When I saw a Gel Rest in stock, I decided to try it. I put it on, played a bit, then took it off, not sure I was feeling a $15 difference. When I played without it, I stopped in 5 seconds and put the Gel Rest right back on. I’ve never going back to a plain chin rest! 15 minutes later, one of my fiddle students did the exact same thing.

I’m recovering from surgery to fuse two neck vertebrae and Gel Rest has made it much easier to get back into playing. It’s comfortable, lets me relax my neck, and provides all the “grip” I need without any strain to head, neck, or back. Wonderful!!!!


Will Harmon


Just a quick note to say that the GelRest arrived today and I installed it to the violin with no problem at all (the YouTube video is a help).  I’m astonished at how well it adheres to the chinrest and blends with its boxwood color.  Furthermore, it is very comfortable, adding “traction” to the chinrest, making it easier to hold.

Since it’s the summer, I usually have problems with perspiration on the chinrest and also the wood painfully jabbing into my neck.  The GelRest has gone a long way to easing those problems.  I used it a rehearsal tonight and, in fact, will play on it this Thursday at the Whiskey á Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. I’ll be ordering another one for my other violin!

Many thanks,



Hi Stephen

I’ve received my GelRest and have been trying it out over the last two weeks and I’m very pleased with it. I’ve just posted a review on your website and I’ll certainly be spreading the word to my fellow violinists / violists in Oldham Symphony Orchestra.  A great product.  My last attempt for comfort was a homemade pad secured with an elastic band  which kept slipping off my violin!  The GelRest ticks all the boxes and looks great too.  Also great customer service…received delivery promptly and regular emails to update me on my order status.

Gillian Shuttleworth


You ask for comments:
I have been using gel rests for a while. Decided to change my chin rest to a Rosewood Flesch and ordered a Rosewood GelRest to go with it. Must admit, I wondered what the colour might look like, but was pleased with the colour match. Much better than your photo shows.
I can be playing for eight hours some days, so these are a real help. Thanks for inventing them.

Jenifer Smith


Hi Stephen,

My name is Bridget Regan and I play in a band called Flogging Molly. We spend a great deal of time on the road touring, so I consequently spend a great deal of time playing and the GelRest is by far the most superior chin pad I’ve encountered. Our stage manager happened upon them at a music store in New York last year, bought a couple for me to try, and I haven’t looked back. Unfortunately, my supply has run out. We no longer have the packaging so I’m not sure which chin pads we had, but there was no adhesive and it left no residue when removed (typical of all your chin pads?), and was easily cleaned with water and reattached…and miraculously the callous I have had for years and had just accepted as one of the ‘perils’ of the job is almost gone completely (thanks!). So, wondering if you ship to Ireland? If not I can easily have them shipped to our label or management office in Los Angeles, but either way I need to replenish my stock!
Thanks again for a wonderful product, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Message Body:
To the makers of GelRest:

Thank you for this great invention! I am allergic to nickel, so playing with a chin rest has always been a struggle. Things came to a head a few years ago, when I was beginning my undergrad and practicing a great deal because of the higher level of musicianship around me. My allergy was acting up and my setup wasn’t working. My teacher and I decided that I should try to go without a chin rest, and I found the GelRest via an online search. Even though it is intended as a chin rest cover,  I use it as my chin rest to prevent damage to the varnish on my viola. It leaves no mark when taken off of the instrument (though it has a long lasting and dependable sticker), and ensures my comfort while I play. Again, thank you!

Alice Norris
McGill Symphony Orchestra (McGill University)

“Thanks to all our customers for all the emails, letters, and even phone calls. We pay attention to every comment or suggestion. Please keep the cards and letters coming.”

–Stephen Kallai, Inventor of the GelRest