Is your violin slipping?

Is Your Violin Slipping?

This is a common problem with many players new to the instrument: just when you get set up properly, the instrument slides across your body and the next thing you know, the scroll is pointing down at the floor.  It’s pretty hard to play in tune when that happens.  This happens even with a shoulder rest, although that certainly helps.

A slipping violin is a common problem with professional orchestra players as well, although for a very different reason:  they play on a very warm stage, often under hot lights.  This warm environment causes players to sweat, which causes the chin rest to get slippery.

The problem is with the chin rest.  Most violin chin rests are smooth, polished hard wood, a material that is inherently slippery, especially when it gets wet.

The solution is a GelRest.  Gel makes the chinrest comfortable, true, but also adds just the right amount of traction, or grip, to eliminate the slippery problem once and for all.

This chinrest ends violin slipping
A GelRest will eliminate violin slipping