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Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Here are the 8 basic GelRest shapes

These 8 basic shapes are modeled after traditional chinrests  so each GelRest can blend nicely with your instrument.   Note that  many GelRests will fit other chinrest types as well, such as the 1/2 size Guarneri, which happens to also be a great fit for the Dresden style chinrest.  Which one is the right one for your chinrest?  View this 2-minute instructional video, or read on and we’ll take you through, step by step, to help you make the right choice.

Step 1. Find Your Chinrest Shape

Look closely at the shape of your chinrest.  Chinrest shapes can be confusing at first, but once you get familiar with them, it’s easy to tell them apart. To make things easier, print our Chinrest Fit Guide 2016. You can cut out the shapes and try them on your chinrest for size. GelRest shapes include Strad, Guarneri 4/4, Teka, Flat Flesch, Dresden, Ohrenform (aka Berber), Kaufman, or 1/2 size Guarneri. All feature our unique adhesive — it sticks tightly, but is easy to remove.

Step 2. Pick your GelRest Color

Take a look at your fittings (chinrest, tailpiece, pegs) and decide which wood tone — Ebony, Boxwood (light golden brown), or Rosewood (dark reddish brown) — you think would look best on your instrument. Often, but not always, players like these 3 fittings to match.

The 3 Traditional Wood Colors

       The Fit Guide

GelRest Fit Guide
Click photo, then
Print the Fit Guide

The Fit Guide makes choosing the GelRest that looks best on your instrument, easy and fast.  Print,  Cut out, and Place the templates on your chinrest.

Here’s a list of measurements and alternate fittings for each GelRest shape:

Guarneri 4/4: measures 105mm long by 65mm wide. It will also fit Dresden Large, Morawetz, Priska, Varga.

Strad: GelRest Strad measures 95mm long by 60mm wide. It also fits Medium Guarneri and Stuber chinrests.

Guarneri 1/2 size: is the smallest GelRest at 85mm long by 55mm wide. Also fits 4/4 Dresden, 1/4 size Guarneri, and 4/4 Wendling.

Teka: It measures 106mm long by 61mm wide. It is a good choice for any long chinrest with a sharp point on the left side.

Flat Flesch: measures 100mm long by 57mm wide. It’s oval shape also fits Hill, SAS, and Wittner (center or left-mount) chinrests.

Kaufman: is the largest GelRest at 108mm long by 66mm wide.

Try the handy Gelrest Fit Guide PDF. Each GelRest shape is shown in it’s actual size. Simply cut them out, and place on your chinrest.

We also welcome photos of your chinrest!

  1. Take a picture of your violin chinrest, and save it on your computer desktop.
  2. visit our store & select any GelRest on the page and check the “Upload” box.
  3. Upload the photo and complete your purchase. We’ll use your supplied photo to choose the GelRest that fits best.
  4. Or, simply email your photo to [email protected]. We’ll respond within 24 hours.