How to Improve Your Violin Chin Rest

4/4 Guarneri with Guarneri GelRest attached
4/4 Guarneri with matching GelRest

 I created GelRest Chinrest Covers because I wanted a convenient, yet good-looking way to make my violin chinrest comfortable. I thought to myself, I don’t even prefer to SIT on a block of hard wood, so why would I want to rest my face on one?

So, take a close look at the photo.

You are seeing something revolutionary in the violin world – a chinrest cover that’s molded in the same shape as the chinrest, so that it blends in and maintains the sophisticated, elegant, and timeless look of one of the most incredible instruments ever invented. An instrument that, though invented over 500 years ago, today is played in every country in the world, in every musical style imaginable.

Teka chinrest and GelRest
Teka style chinrest with matching GelRest

OK, so what do you mean by Gel, you may ask. Well, it’s not a liquid gel. That could get messy! No, it’s a firm, solid gel, but with a feel very much like the softest, smoothest human skin. When you put your face down on this material you’ll understand why we say, “you’ll wonder how you EVER played without it.”

Hopefully you’re ready to order, but before you do, you need to know that we take the concept of a molded chinrest cover VERY seriously. So, we make GelRests in 7 unique shapes designed to fit a wide variety of violin chinrest shapes. To choose a GelRest for YOUR chinrest, follow the steps below:


  • Download the GelRest Fit Guide here   DownloadButtom
  • Cut out the 7 shapes and try them on your chinrest.
  • Decide which shape is the best fit for your chinrest.
  • Now, go to the GelRest online store Here.
  • Place your order and use this discount code: pillow-rock

Use that code at checkout and you will receive a 20% discount. Plus, you’ll still get Free Shipping in the US.

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  1. Your chin rest can often make all the difference. If it sits too low or is too short, your body will make adjustments so that you can hold the instrument better. Check that your chin rest height matches the ideal position for your posture, and that it is the right size. Your chin support should help you hold your instrument, not challenge you to grip it tighter.

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