A Much Needed Violin Chin Rest Solution

So, what is wrong with your violin chin rest?

Well, to start with, a violin chin rest is carved from hard wood, usually ebony, one of nature’s hardest. The contact between this hard chin rest surface and our vulnerable face, chin, and neck has caused generations of violinists, from beginners to professionals, to endure skin irritations, bruises, and red spots.  Often called a violin hickey, or rose patch, these bruises are more than just unsightly; they can be quite painful and typically result in a reduction in practice time, at the very least.  Worse yet,  if your chin rest is gouging into your face,  the tension that results can easily migrate to your hand and fingers, especially in the left hand, and can even cause back and shoulder pain, which can affect your bowing arm.  So, having a comfortable instrument is crucial for mastering basic techniques like playing in tune, vibrato, and even bowing.

Typical violin chin rest with GelRest attached

4/4 Guarneri with Guarneri GelRest attached

Teka chinrest and GelRest

Teka style chinrest with matching GelRest                 FREE SHIPPING in the USA                           on all GelRests!

Professional Appearance

Look closely at the 2 photos above or you might miss the GelRest attached to the 2 chin rests.  That’s because we make GelRests in 8 different shapes, each one designed to fit a variety of violin  or viola chinrests.  Note:  viola chin rests are often exactly like violin chinrests.  To find one that fits YOUR chinrest, go to the Chinrest Fit Guide 2016.  Print, Cut, and Place the cut-outs on your chinrest to determine which one is the best fit.

Fits in Your Case

A GelRest is easy to install — just peel and stick.  And, unlike a shoulder rest, a GelRest does not have to be removed each time you put the instrument back in its case. Just set it and forget it!

Print the Fit Guide

Click to print the Fit Guide

Guarneri violin chinrest,Boxwood

Also available in Boxwood and Rosewood









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